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09/30/22 – GRIEVING VAN GOGH by: ERIN MCKENZIE, published in FULL MOOD MAGAZINE – https://www.fullmoodmag.com/grieving-van-gogh
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09/23/22 – THE WRONG BONES by: HILARY ELDER, published in NORTHERN GRAVY – https://northerngravy.com/the-wrong-bones-by-hilary-elder/
09/16/22 – BODY DOUBLES by: DANA DIEHL, published in NOT DEER MAGAZINE – https://www.notdeermagazine.com/post/body-doubles-dana-diehl
09/08/22 – THE ROSES SMELLED OF COPPER by: TAYLOR RAE, published in CROW & CROSS KEYS – https://crowcrosskeys.com/2022/08/10/the-roses-smelled-of-copper-taylor-rae/
09/02/22 – SILK by: LYDDIA SOLOMON, published in HONEYGUIDE MAGAZINE – https://www.honeyguidemag.com/silk//
08/26/22 – MOMMA SAID by: ATLAS BOOTH, published in MENTAL RHYTHM MAGAZINE – https://mentalrhythmmagazine.wordpress.com/issue-one-atlas/
08/19/22 – FISH FOR TWO by: ALYSIA C. ANDERSON, published in PURE IN HEART STORIES – https://pureinheartstories.com/issue-3/fish-for-two/
08/12/22 – WE’RE ALL IN THIS SANDBOX TOGETHER by: DAVE GREGORY, published in ORANGE BLOSSOM REVIEW – https://orangeblossomreview.org/journal/were-all-in-this-sandbox-together/
08/05/22 – MY, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE by: CHELSEA STICKLE, published in CLOVES LITERARY – https://www.clovesliterary.com/stories/my-what-big-teeth-you-have
07/29/22 – LOST by: SUSAN MOREHOUSE, published in THE PHARE LITERARY MAGAZINE – https://www.thephare.com/lost
07/22/22 – WE MAKE OURSELVES BETTER THAN OUR PARENTS by: MELISSA OWENS, published in ZERO READERS – https://www.zeroreaders.com/2022/04/we-make-ourselves-better-than-our-parents-melissa-owens/
07/15/22 – THE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS by: ANNA MANTZARIS, published in SPRY LITERARY JOURNAL – https://www.sprylit.com/archives/the-flight-attendants/
07/08/22 – DREAMING OF TIME by: LORRIE NESS, published in EUNOIA REVIEW – https://eunoiareview.wordpress.com/2022/07/03/dreaming-of-time/
07/01/22 – THE PRICE OF CROSSING by: SIMON KEWIN, published in WYNGRAF MAGAZINE – https://wyngraf.com/2022/06/17/cozy-flash-the-price-of-crossing/
06/24/22 – JESUS IS THE WAY HOME by: SANDY BRANNAN, published in CALLA PRESS – https://callapress.com/jesus-is-the-way-home-by-sandy-brannan/
06/17/22 – PICTURES FROM A HOTEL ROOM ON FIRE by: JON LASSER, published in WYLDBLOOD PRESS – https://wyldblood.com/pictures-from-a-hotel-room-on-fire/
06/10/22 – VEILS ON THE SUN by: KELLE GROOM, published in MONKEYBICYCLE – http://monkeybicycle.net/veils-on-the-sun/
06/03/22 – THE RECORD by: C.O. DAVIDSON, published in the BLACK POPPY REVIEW – https://blackpoppyreview.blogspot.com/2022/04/the-record-by-co-davidson.html?m=1
05/27/22 – WRONG TURN by: DAVID LOWIS, published in FRIDAY FLASH FICTION – https://www.fridayflashfiction.com/100-word-stories/wrong-turn-by-david-lowis
05/20/22 – BRIGHT STARS by: STEPHEN S. POWERS, published in RADON JOURNAL – https://www.radonjournal.com/brightstars
05/13/22 – THE WORD FOR LOVE ISN’T LAKE by: HANNE LARSSON, published in TWIN PIES LITERARY – https://www.twinpiesliterary.com/volume-seven/thewordforloveisntlake
05/06/22 – TAKE A FEMUR, LEAVE A FEMUR by: LEIGH CHADWICK, published in IDENTITY THEORY – https://www.identitytheory.com/take-a-femur-leave-a-femur/
04/29/22 – THE ORANGE TREE by: MOLLY OSBORNE, published in THE CHAMBER MAGAZINE – https://thechambermagazine.com/2022/03/04/the-orange-tree-fiction-by-molly-osborne/
04/22/22 – BIG PROMISES by: JAMES FOWLER, published in JOKES REVIEW – https://www.jokesliteraryreview.com/big-promises-james-fowler
04/15/22 – SUCK IT UP by: CLAIRE MCNERNEY, published in PROTON READER – https://protonreader.com/one_mcnerney/
04/08/22 – METEOR MAN by: MIKE ADAMSON, published in ABYSS & APEX MAGAZINE – https://www.abyssapexzine.com/2022/03/meteor_man/
04/01/22 – THE BOY WHO INVENTED ME by: ANN RUSSELL, published in PERMAFROST MAGAZINE – https://permafrostmag.uaf.edu/43-2-the-boy-who-invented-me-ann-russell/
03/25/22 – TINY DANCER by: SUANN AMERO, published in DARK RECESSES PRESS – https://darkrecessespress.com/2022/03/20/tiny-dancer/
03/18/22 – BUILD A WALL by: JENNIFER MARIE DONAHUE, published in DOUBLEBACK REVIEW – https://doublebackreview.com/issue-3-2-october-2021/j-donahue-build-a-wall/
03/11/22 – SWANSONG by: DAVID LOWIS, published in FICTION ON THE WEB – https://www.fictionontheweb.co.uk/2022/03/swansong-by-david-lowis.html
03/04/22 – LISTINGS by: BETH POLITSCH, published in FATAL FLAW LITERARY MAGAZINE – https://www.fatalflawlit.com/unreliable-flash/listings
02/25/22 – THE RABBIT IN MY DREAM by: KATIE KEMPLE, published in LIGEIA MAGAZINE – https://www.ligeiamagazine.com/winter-2021/the-rabbit-in-my-dream-katie-kemple/
02/18/22 – GRANDMA WHAT BIG TEETH by: VALERIE SAN FILIPPO, published in PANK MAGAZINE – https://pankmagazine.com/piece/grandma-big-teeth/
02/11/22 – REQUIEM IN A HOTEL FLOWERBED by: AVERY NGUYEN, published in INDIGO LITERARY JOURNAL – https://www.indigoliteraryjournal.com/averynguyen
02/04/22 – GLIMMERS by: BLAIR KEETCH, published in SHOTGUN HONEY – https://www.shotgunhoney.com/fiction/glimmers-by-blair-keetch/
01/28/22 – THE MARSUPIAL REBELLION by: KEN WETHERINGTON, published in THE BOOKENDS REVIEW – http://thebookendsreview.com/2022/01/18/the-marsupial-rebellion/
01/21/22 – NIGHT by: YASMINA DIN MADDEN, published in NEW WORLD WRITING – https://newworldwriting.net/yasmina-din-madden-night/
01/14/22 – RE: YOUR SHORT-STORY COLLECTION by: CAMILLE VERZAL, published in SMOKELONG QUARTERLY – https://www.smokelong.com/stories/re-your-short-story-collection/
01/07/22 – IN THE SUMMER by: ADRIENNE MARIE BARRIOS, published in INTERSTELLAR LITERARY REVIEW – https://www.interstellarlit.com/issue-03/in-the-summer
12/31/21 – WATCHING A VIDEO OF A SHIP GETTING CRUSHED BY THE WAVES by: MOLLY ANDREA-RYAN, published in [SUB]LIMINAL – https://readsubliminal.wixsite.com/readsubliminal/m-m-ryan
12/24/21 – PALMS TREE by: J.R. ALLEN, published in AMPLE REMAINS – https://www.ampleremains.com/05allen.html
12/17/21 – HELICOPTER by: ANDREA LYNN KOOHI, published in TRAMPSET – https://trampset.org/helicopter-7ba939aed3e2
12/10/21 – A TRICK OF THE NIGHT by: ELEANOR PEARSON, published in DREAM OF SHADOWS – https://www.dreamofshadows.co.uk/post/a-trick-of-the-night
12/03/21 – APEX by: HANNAH HULBERT, published in SPECULATIVE CITY – https://speculativecity.com/fiction/apex/
11/26/21 – LOOK UP by: DEE LORRAINE, published in the AGAPE REVIEW – https://agapereview.com/2021/11/06/lookup/
11/19/21 – BEEF ON WECK by: EMMY RITCHEY, published in DEAD SKUNK MAGAZINE – https://www.deadskunkmag.com/beefonweckemmyritchey
11/12/21 – MADISON by: WILLIAM FALO, published in TYPESLASH REVIEW – https://typeslashreview.wordpress.com/2021/11/03/madison-william-falo/
11/05/21 – MOTHER AND HER REMAINS by: ROBIN BISSETT, published in ABANDON JOURNAL – https://abandonjournal.com/robin-bissett/mother-and-her-remains/
10/29/21 – IN CONSTANT DANGER OF BEING FLUNG INTO SPACE by: MARINA BARAKATT, published in BRIGHT FLASH LITERARY REVIEW – https://brightflash1000.com/2021/10/07/in-constant-danger-of-being-flung-into-space-2/
10/22/21 – THE UNCHECKED BOX by: DOUGLAS DICICCO, published in FLASH POINT SCIENCE FICTION – https://flashpointsf.com/2021/10/08/the-unchecked-box/
10/15/21 – CHERNOBYL LITANY by: GEMMA FILES, published in THE DEADLANDS – https://thedeadlands.com/issue-03/chernobyl-litany/
10/08/21 – BURNING THE WOOD by: CHRIS BULLARD, published in THE TINY JOURNAL – https://thetinyjournal.org/chris-bullard
10/01/21 – PRIVATELY STRANGE PEOPLE by: MEGHAN DAIRAGHI, published in ALIEN MAGAZINE – https://www.alienliterarymagazine.com/meghan-dairaghi
09/24/21 – IT HAD HIS FACE by: CHRISSIE ROHRMAN, published in DARK FIRE FICTION – http://darkfire.epizy.com/fiction_Rohrman0921.html
09/17/21 – CELEBRITIES by: STEPHEN HAINES, published in THIN AIR MAGAZINE – https://thinairmagazine.org/2021/09/03/celebrities-by-stephen-haines/
09/10/21 – THE BEST WATER IN THE WORLD, by: H.E. FISHER, published in LONGLEAF REVIEW – https://longleafreview.com/h-e-fisher/
09/03/21 – HOUSE OF WOLVES, by: GILLIAN DANIELS, published in KALEIDOTROPE – https://kaleidotrope.net/summer-2021/house-of-wolves-by-gillian-daniels/
08/27/21 – THINKING OF YOU, by: D.H. VALDEZ, published in BURNT BREAKFAST MAGAZINE – https://www.burntbreakfastmag.com/post/thinking-of-you-by-d-h-valdez
08/20/21 – STEALING FROM GIANTS, by: ALEXANDER HEWITT, published in THE BIRDSEED – https://the-birdseed.com/magazine/volume1issue1/stealing-from-giants/
08/13/21 – ANTHONY WORKS IN THE GROCERY STORE, by: SCOTT RYAN, published in HOT VALLEY WRITERS – https://www.hotvalleywriters.com/ryansummer2021
08/06/21 – HOUSE CALL, by: SAMIKA SWIFT, published in NECESSARY FICTION – http://necessaryfiction.com/stories/SamikaS
07/30/21 – FREE FALL, by: PAM KNAPP, published in NYMPHS – https://nymphspublications.com/new-blog/free-fall-by-pam-knapp
07/23/21 – THROUGH THE SCREEN DOOR OF MY SPACESHIP, by: SAMIR KNEGO, published in CLAW AND BLOSSOM – https://clawandblossom.com/issues/issue9/through-the-screen-knego/
07/16/21 – A SCREAM IN THE DARK, by: TIFFANY MICHELLE BROWN, published in DREAD STONE PRESS – https://dreadstonepress.com/2021/06/04/a-scream-in-the-dark/
07/09/21 – DANCING WITH THE GOBLINS, by: TERRI MULLHOLLAND, published in TETHER’S END MAGAZINE – https://www.tethersendmagazine.com/fiction-terri-mullholland
07/02/21 – RAINING AT SEVEN, by: BARRY JONES, published in THE DILLYDOUN REVIEW – https://thedillydounreview.com/issue-5/barry-jones/
06/25/21 – THE BRICK, by: ALEXANDRA M. MATTHEWS, published in FLASH FROG – https://flash-frog.com/2021/05/24/the-brick-by-alexandra-m-matthews/
06/18/21 – THICKER THAN WATER, by: CATHERINE WILSON, published in NEW GOTHIC REVIEW – https://newgothicreview.com/2021/04/17/thicker-than-water/
06/11/21 – CONSUMED, by: SARAH GREEN GAMBER, published in JANUS LITERARY – https://www.janusliterary.com/2021/05/31/sarah-gamber-consumed/
06/04/21 – WAR DESTROYS A MAN FROM THE INSIDE OUT, by: EDIE MEADE, published in FRACTURED LIT – https://fracturedlit.com/meade/
05/28/21 – WE FLY, by: GERRI LEEN, published in UTOPIA SCIENCE FICTION – https://www.utopiasciencefiction.com/we-fly
05/21/21 – RADIO WAVES, by: DAVID WOODRUFF, published in FABULA ARGENTEA – https://fabulaargentea.com/index.php/article/radio-waves-by-david-woodruff/
05/14/21 – THE WIND THAT CARRIES US, by: ELODIE BARNES, published in LUNATE – https://lunate.co.uk/flash/the-wind-that-carries-us-by-elodie-barnes
05/07/21 – DISPATCH BOX, by: PAM KNAPP, published in THE WONDROUS REAL MAGAZINE – https://www.wondrousrealmag.com/post/dispatch-box
04/30/21 – TRIBUTARY, by: MELISSA LLANES BROWNLEE, published in (MAC)RO(MIC) – https://macromic.org/2021/04/21/tributary-by-melissa-llanes-brownlee/
04/23/21 – SOME BONES, by: BRIAN LEUNG, published in GOOD RIVER REVIEW – https://www.goodriverreview.com/post/some-bones
04/16/21 – DOUBLE PARKED, by: SAMUEL BEST, published in WILD HUNT MAGAZINE – https://wildhuntmag.com/fiction/double-parked-samuel-best
04/09/21 – COMPANION ANIMALS, by: ERYN NATALIA, published in 101 WORDS – https://101words.org/companion-animals/
04/02/21 – SOMEONE SHOULD TELL HIM, by: GORDON SUN, published in PLEASE SEE ME LITERARY MAGAZINE – https://pleaseseeme.com/issue-6/fiction/someone-should-tell-him-gordon-sun/
03/26/21 – FIREWORKS ON THE MOON, by: KRISTINA SACCONE, published in UNEARTHED ONLINE LITERARY JOURNAL – https://unearthedesf.com/kristina-saccone/
03/19/21 – RACHEL, by: JULIE L. MOORE, published in the AMETHYST REVIEW – https://amethystmagazine.org/2021/03/12/rachel-a-poem-by-julie-l-moore/
03/12/21 – UNDER NEON LIGHT, by: DANIEL HARRISON, published in MONTRÉAL WRITES LITERARY MAGAZINE – https://montrealwrites.com/2020/12/31/under-neon-light-by-daniel-harrison/
03/05/21 – THIS GOES ON AND ON, by: DAN CRAWLEY, published in BENDING GENRES – https://bendinggenres.com/this-goes-on-and-on/
02/26/21 – SPRING CLEAN, by: RAYMOND SLOAN, published in THE DRABBLE – https://thedrabble.wordpress.com/2021/02/18/spring-clean/
02/19/21 – 600o, by: JOSHUA LAMPSTON, published in LITERARY HEIST – https://www.literaryheist.com/short-stories/600/
02/12/21 – ONE BULLET, by: CARY GROSSMAN, published in the BLACK HORSE REVIEW – http://www.blackhorsereview.com/short-fiction/one-bullet
02/05/21 – CLAUSTROPHOBIA, by: ANTONIA RACHEL WARD, published in GHOST ORCHID PRESS – https://ghostorchidpress.com/claustrophobia/
01/29/21 – MEL IN HER ELEMENT, by: PHOEBE BRUECKNER, published in FICTION ATTIC – http://fictionattic.com/mel-in-her-element/
01/22/21 – GIGI LA PACE, by: EDVIGE GIUNTA, published in THE CITRON REVIEW – https://citronreview.com/2020/12/22/gigi-la-pace/
01/15/21 – SHOPPING, by: ELLEN BIRKETT MORRIS, published in THE CENTIFICTIONIST – https://thecentifictionist.home.blog/2020/11/03/shopping/
01/08/21 – THE FIRST SNOWMAN OF THE SEASON, by: MM MACLEOD, published in BRIEFLY WRITE – https://brieflywrite.com/2020/12/19/the-first-snowman-of-the-season-mm-macleod/
01/01/21 – FOOTSTEPS, by: MIKE SHERER, published in LIQUID IMAGINATION – https://liquidimagination.silverpen.org/article/footsteps-by/


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