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09/25/20 – BEACHED, by: E.F.S. BYRNE, published in FREE FLASH FICTION MAGAZINE – https://freeflashfiction.com/fiction/beached/
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09/18/20 – THE WOMEN WHO COME OUT BEFORE THE RAIN, by: VIRGINIA MARSHALL, published in MATCHBOOK LITERARY MAGAZINE – https://www.matchbooklitmag.com/marshall
09/11/20 – NANOISM 881, by: DANIEL GALEF, published in NANOISM – https://nanoism.net/stories/881/
09/04/20 – WHAT THEY CAUGHT AT LOON LAKE, by: MICHAEL CARTER, published in APHOTIC REALM MAGAZINE – https://aphoticrealm.com/what-they-caught-at-loon-lake-by-michael-carter/
08/28/20 – LITTLE SHADOW, by: HANNAH HULBERT, published in ELLIPSIS ZINE – https://www.ellipsiszine.com/little-shadow-by-hannah-hulbert/
08/21/20 – TOOTH AND CLAW, by: HANNAH WHITEOAK, published in the BANSHEE PRESS – https://www.bansheelit.com/read/tooth-and-claw-by-hannah-whiteoak
08/14/20 – WAITING OUT THE STORM, by: TERRY TIERNEY, published in the POPPY ROAD REVIEW – https://poppyroadreview.blogspot.com/2020/08/waiting-out-storm-by-terry-tierney.html?m=1
08/07/20 – OWNING THE CITY, by: PHILIP BERRY, published in 100 WORDS OF SOLITUDE – https://100wordsofsolitude.wordpress.com/2020/07/19/philip-berry/
07/31/20 – ORDINARY DAYS, by: DENISE CLOUTIER, published in THE SUNLIGHT PRESS – https://www.thesunlightpress.com/2020/07/15/ordinary-days/
07/24/20 – ANXIETY, by: MIRANDA TATE, published in SHORT STORY AVENUE – https://shortstoryavenue.com/2020/07/07/anxiety/
07/17/20 – CRACKED LIVES, by: YASH SEYEDBAGHERI, published in 50-WORD STORIES – http://fiftywordstories.com/2020/07/02/yash-seyedbagheri-cracked-lives/
07/10/20 – WATCH YOUR WEIGHT, by: JOE GIORDANO, published in IDLE INK – https://idleink.org/2020/07/04/watch-your-weight-byjoe-giordano/#more-1422
07/03/20 – THE FATHER SUIT, by: NATHAN WILLIS, published in COTTON XENOMORPH – https://www.cottonxenomorph.com/journal/2020/2/9/2m4utb6vusgc8x232v3sg6iv5kz4ks-xgm83-m4dyd
06/26/20 – CALL OUT, by: STEVE TOASE, published in NIGHTMARE MAGAZINE – http://www.nightmare-magazine.com/fiction/call-out/
06/19/20 – HANSEL, by: BRIAN EVENSON, published in MUMBER MAG – https://www.mumbermag.me/2020/04/03/hansel/
06/12/20 – PETS, by: NICK STORY, published in THE MOLOTOV COCKTAIL – https://themolotovcocktail.com/vol-11/flashpocalypse/pets/
06/05/20 – BIG GIRLS LIKE US, by: KELLY FLYNN, published in THE LASCAUX REVIEW – https://lascauxreview.com/big-girls-like-us/
05/29/20 – HOW TO BE HUMAN ON A FRIDAY NIGHT, by:  SHAWNACY KIKER PEREZ, published in TOHO JOURNAL – https://www.tohopub.com/how-to-be-a-human
05/22/20 – THE LISTENING TREE, by:  MICAH DEAN HICKS, published in THE FAIRY TALE REVIEW – https://fairytalereview.com/2019/06/05/the-listening-tree/
05/15/20 – THE WHALERS SONG, by: RAY CLULEY, published in THE DARK MAGAZINE – https://thedarkmagazine.com/the-whalers-song/
05/08/20 – SOMETIMES THERE IS/WILL BE, by: TORCHÉ JOHNSON, published in PIF MAGAZINE – https://www.pifmagazine.com/2020/04/sometimes-there-is-will-be/
05/01/20 – A LONGER TRIP BACK HOME, by: HIROMI SUZUKI, published in 3:AM MAGAZINE – https://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/a-longer-trip-back-home/
04/24/20 – SELF-PORTRAIT AS THE OVERLOOK HOTEL, by: ABIGAIL DIAZ, published in PASSENGERS JOURNAL – https://passengersjournal.com/self-portrait-as-the-overlook-hotel/
04/17/20 – SHORT SUPPLY, by: R. MICHAEL, published in 365 TOMORROWS – https://365tomorrows.com/2020/04/10/short-supply/
04/10/20 – THE WINNER, by: LISA FOX, published in FUDOKI MAGAZINE – https://fudokimagazine.com/the-winner/
04/03/20 – HALFCAT, by: LOREN W. COOPER, published in SILVER BLADE MAGAZINE – https://www.silverblade.net/2020/01/halfcat/
03/27/20 – THE WORDS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND, ROUND AND ROUND, ROUND AND ROUND…, by: ELIZABETH DAVIS, published in THE NOVEL NOCTULE LITERARY REVIEW – https://www.novelnoctule.com/post/the-words-on-the-bus-go-round-and-round-round-and-round-round-and-round-by-elizabeth-davis
03/20/20 – EXILE, by: RACHAEL SMART, published in THE FLASH FICTION SECTION OF THE TSS PUBLISHING SITE – https://theshortstory.co.uk/microfiction-exile-by-rachael-smart/
03/13/20 – DEAD END, by: SAM DERBY, published in HORLA, THE HOME OF INTELLIGENT HORROR – http://www.horla.org/dead-end-by-sam-derby/
03/06/20 – THE FIRST WEEK OF FIRST GRADE, by: NATALIE DEVAULL-ROBICHAUD, published in DYING DAHLIA REVIEW – https://dyingdahliareview.com/2018/06/12/first-week-of-first-grade-natalie-devaull-robichaud/
02/28/20 – WHEN YOU SANG BACK TO US, by: CHLOIE PIVERAL, published in SYNTAX & SALT MAGAZINE – https://syntaxandsalt.com/2019/10/01/when-you-sang-back-to-us-by-chloie-piveral/
02/21/20 – DREAM QUEEN, by: HOLLY WOODWARD, published in the VESTAL REVIEW – http://www.vestalreview.org/dream-queen/
02/14/20 – THE RIVER BEFORE DAWN, by: EVAN JAMES SHELDON, published in GHOST PARACHUTE, A LITERARY MAGAZINE – http://ghostparachute.com/issue/february-2020-issue/the-river-before-dawn/
02/07/20 – ICE COLD COKE, by: JACKIE COSTILLA, published in ANTI-HEROIN CHIC – http://heroinchic.weebly.com/blog/ice-cold-coke-by-jackie-costilla
01/31/20 – LIKE FALLING ASLEEP, by: SPENCER LITMAN, published in THE FORGE LITERARY MAGAZINE – https://forgelitmag.com/2020/01/13/like-falling-asleep/
01/24/20 – WHO’S THE BOSS? ME, I’M THE BOSS, by: ERIC ANDREW NEWMAN, published in TINY MOLECULES, A LITERARY JOURNAL – https://tinymolecules.wordpress.com/eric-andrew-newman/
01/17/20 – AWAKENING, by: A.T. PENCE, published in PAPER TRAINS LITERARY JOURNAL – https://www.papertrainslitmag.com/at-pence.html
01/10/20 – DEBBIE’S PARENTS, by: MICHELLE ROSS, published in CEASE COWS MAGAZINE – http://ceasecows.com/2019/11/28/debbies-parents-by-michelle-ross/
01/03/20 – IF YOU GIVE A BEAR A CROISSANT, by: BENJAMIN KINNEY, published in CHEAP POP LITERARY JOURNAL – http://www.cheappoplit.com/home/2019/7/28/if-you-give-a-bear-a-croissant-benjamin-kinney
12/27/19 – THE FROZEN BIRD, by: NANCY HOLZNER, published in ENCHANTED CONVERSATION: A FAIRY TALE MAGAZINE – https://enchantedconversationmag.blogspot.com/2019/12/the-frozen-bird-by-nancy-holzner.html
12/20/19 – THE PUNCTURE, by: LAUREN COLLETT, published in REFLEX FICTION – https://www.reflexfiction.com/the-puncture-flash-fiction-by-lauren-collett/
12/13/19 – OBSERVER EFFECT, by: ANDREW MARLOWE BERGMAN, published in BAD PONY MAGAZINE – https://www.badponymag.com/prose6/2019/11/10/andrew-marlowe-bergman
12/06/19 – THE OTHER NORMA JEAN, by: TEAGUE VON BOHLEN, published in SPLIT LIP MAGAZINE – https://splitlipthemag.com/features/1119/teague-von-bohlen
11/29/19 – PAULA, by: H. PUEYO, published in APPARITION LIT – https://www.apparitionlit.com/stories/paula/
11/22/19 – SAFEKEEPING, by: COLE MEYER, published in PITHEAD CHAPEL – https://pitheadchapel.com/safekeeping/
Posted 11/15/19 – THE MARIONETTE, by: CHELSEA STICKLE, published in COFFIN BELL, A JOURNAL OF DARK LITERATURE – https://coffinbell.com/the-marionette/
Posted 11/08/19 – UNBLINKING EYES, by: DAVID KUBICEK, published in THEME OF ABSENCE – https://www.themeofabsence.com/2019/11/unblinking-eyes-by-david-kubicek/
Posted 11/01/19 – LINOLEUM FLOOR, by: MARK TULIN, published in X-R-A-Y LITERARY MAGAZINE – http://x-r-a-y.com/linoleum-floor-by-mark-tulin/fiction/
Posted 10/25/19 – THE STRANGERS, by: JENNIFER DICKINSON, published in THE FLORIDA REVIEW – https://floridareview.cah.ucf.edu/article/the-strangers/
Posted 10/18/19 – CLIFF PEOPLE, by: SAM REESE, published in ICEBERG TALES – https://www.icebergtales.co.uk/single-post/2019/06/09/Cliff-People
Posted 10/11/19 – IT’S ONLY REFLECTED LIGHT, by: VIRGINIA EGGERTON, published in MOONPARK REVIEW – https://moonparkreview.com/issue-nine-fall-2019/its-only-reflected-light/
Posted 10/04/19 – A LEGACY OF RAIN, by: S.R. SCHULZ, published in PIGEONHOLES FEARLESS LITERATURE – http://pidgeonholes.com/archive/volume-12-rain-flood/a-legacy-of-rain/
Posted 09/27/19 – SPARROW, by: YILIN WANG, published in KASMA MAGAZINE – https://www.kasmamagazine.com/sparrow.html
Posted 09/20/19 – ANNIVERSARY, by: MERRIDAWN DUCKLER, published in UNSTAMATIC: A MICRO LIT MAG – https://www.unstamatic.info/anniversary
Posted 09/13/19 – THIS IS NOT A PENCIL BOX, by: ANGIE SPOTO, published in FICTIVE DREAM – https://fictivedream.com/2019/02/02/this-is-not-a-pencil-box/
Posted 09/06/19 – WE’RE NOT SPEAKING, by: FRANCIS J. TRAUTMAN, published in 100 WORD STORY – http://www.100wordstory.org/photo-story-were-not-speaking/
Posted 08/30/19 – FLAME THROWER, by: DAVE GREGORY, published in THE BLAKE-JONES REVIEW – https://www.blakejonesreview.com/prose/flame-thrower/
Posted 08/23/19 – AMERICAN PLANE TREE, by: BARBARA CROOKER, published in WHALE ROAD REVIEW – http://www.whaleroadreview.com/crooker-4/
Posted 08/16/19 – GIVE IT A FEW DAYS, by: MOLLY ALLMAN, published in BEWILDERING STORIES – http://bewilderingstories.com/issue819/few_days.html
Posted 08/09/19 – ERRAND, by: PATRICIA Q. BIDAR, published in BARREN MAGAZINE – https://barrenmagazine.com/errand/
Posted 08/02/19 – THE DAY IT SNOWED WISHES, by: AARON MURRAY, published in FLASH FICTION MAGAZINE – https://flashfictionmagazine.com/blog/2019/07/26/the-day-it-snowed-wishes/#more-29221
Posted 07/26/19 – THE NIGHT MANAGER, by: ED COOKE, published in UNREAL MAGAZINE – http://unrealmag.com/2019/05/22/the-night-manager/
Posted 07/19/19 – LIGHT PIERCES SURFACE OF WATER, ALSO SHIMMERS, by: DEREK ANNIS, published in BLOOD ORANGE REVIEW – http://bloodorangereview.com/Derek-Annis/light-pierces-surface-of-water-also-shimmers/
Posted 07/12/19 – ROTTING VEGETABLES, by: TSURI, published in VIRTUAL ZINE – https://virtualzinemag.com/f/rotting-vegetables-by-tsury
Posted 07/05/19 – MOONLIGHT, by: STEPHANIE CLARK, published in SPLONK MAGAZINE – http://splonk.ie/index.php/2019/05/01/moonlight-stephanie-clark/
Posted 06/28/19 – PAPER THIN, by: KRISTIN GARTH, published in DUSK & SHIVER MAGAZINE – https://duskandshiver.com/paper-thin/
Posted 06/21/19 – RAISE YOUR STANDARDS, by: KATHARINE KISTLER, published in THE ROADRUNNER REVIEW – https://roadrunner.lasierra.edu/raise-your-standards/
Posted 06/14/19 – AFLAME, by: AUDREY LEWIS, published in RUST AND MOTH – https://rustandmoth.com/work/aflame/
Posted 06/07/19 – THE RED X, by: DAVID MEISCHEN, published in PARENTHESES JOURNAL – http://www.parenthesesjournal.com/issue-06/the-red-x-david-meischen/
Posted 05/31/19 – SOMEWHERE, BEYOND THE SEA, by: MIKE MURPHY, published in MURA LITERARY MAGAZINE – https://www.mura.ink/somewhere-beyond-the-sea
Posted 05/24/19 – SILENT CITY, by: FOSTER TRECOST, published in RANDOM SAMPLE REVIEW – https://randomsamplereview.com/2019/01/31/silent-city/
Posted 05/17/19 – KIND OF POOR, by: MARC ELIAS KELLER, published in EVERY DAY FICTION – Feel free to read – https://everydayfiction.com/kind-of-poor-by-marc-elias-keller/
Posted 05/10/19 – TOGETHER, by: SAMANTHA PRIESTLEY, published in FOLDED WORD – Feel free to read – https://folded.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/inorganic-together/
Posted 05/03/19 – DAVID, by: CHRISTIAN BUTLER-ZANETTI, published in SCRIBBLE – Feel free to read – https://www.scribblelit.com/david
Posted 04/26/19 – THE NAMES OF THINGS, by: HUGH BEHM-STEINBERG published in the NEW FLASH FICTION REVIEW – Feel free to read – http://newflashfiction.com/hugh-behm-steinberg/
Posted 04/19/19 – PAINTED, by: LIZ WRIDE published in the MILK CANDY REVIEW – Feel free to read – https://milkcandyreview.home.blog/2019/04/11/painted-by-liz-wride/
Posted 04/12/19 – PRISON OF THE MIND, by: DEONTE OSAYANDE published in QUIET STORM LITERARY MAGAZINE – Feel free to read – https://www.quietstormlitmag.com/prison-of-the-mind
Posted 04/05/19 – AND WHAT ROUGH BEEF, by: JAMES FRUIT published in HELLO HORROR – Feel free to read – http://hellohorror.com/2605_%20JamesFruit_AndWhatRoughBeef.htm
Posted 03/29/19 – ADAPTATION, by: RUAIRI MACINNES published in THE HORROR ZINE – Feel free to read – https://www.thehorrorzine.com/Fiction/March2019/RuairiMacInnes/RuairiMacInnes.html
Posted 03/22/19 – FROM DARJEELING, WITH LOVE, by: KIIRA RHOSAIR published in FLASHBACK FICTION – Feel free to read – http://flashbackfiction.com/index.php/2019/03/11/from-darjeeling-with-love/
Posted 03/15/19 – NIGHT PASSAGE, by: COURT ELLYN published in FREEZE FRAME FICTION – Feel free to read – https://freezeframefiction.com/read/s2-flash-fiction/night-passage-by-court-ellyn/
Posted 03/08/19 – PIANISSIMO, by: CHELSEA HANNA COHEN published in the FLASH FICTION ONLINE – Feel free to read – http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/pianissimo/
Posted 03/01/19 – CANCER ALLEY, by: ELISE BLACKWELL published in the ATTICUS REVIEW – Feel free to read – https://atticusreview.org/cancer-alley/
Posted 02/22/19 – MAGIC ACT, by: FRANK A. POSSEMATO published in FIVE ON THE FIFTH, AN ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE – Feel free to read – http://www.fiveonthefifth.com/vol-4-issue-4-story-1
Posted 02/15/19 – CURSER, by: SERENA JAYNE published in 101 FICTION – Feel free to read – http://www.101fiction.com/2018/12/curser.html
Posted 02/08/19 – THE LADY OR THE PECAN TREE, by: REBECCA LINAM published in UNFIT MAGAZINE – Feel free to read – http://unfitmag.com/2018/12/28/the-lady-or-the-pecan-tree/
Posted 02/01/19 – THE PHILOSOPHY OF BALLOONS, by: STEPHANIE HUTTON published in NEWMAG – Feel free to read – https://www.newmagmag.com/blog/the-philosophy-of-balloons-by-stephanie-hutton
Posted 01/25/19 – EATING STRAWBERRIES WITH STRANGERS, by: PIA GHOSH-ROY published in CRAFT MAGAZINE – Feel free to read – https://www.craftliterary.com/2018/11/30/strawberries-strangers-pia-ghosh-roy/
Posted 01/18/19 – THE FOREST OF BONES, by: CHRISTOPHER CHUPIK published in HEROIC FANTASY QUARTERLY – Feel free to read – https://www.heroicfantasyquarterly.com/?p=2553
Posted 01/11/19 – THE TATTOO WHISPERER, by: FAYE BRINSMEAD published in VAMP CAT MAGAZINE – Feel free to read – https://www.vampcatmag.com/read/tattoo-whisperer-faye-brinsmead
Posted 01/04/19 – ESCAPE TO BUNNY ISLAND, by: JONATHAN MUZZALL published in OUTLOOK SPRINGS MAGAZINE – Feel free to read – http://outlooksprings.com/stories/escape-to-bunny-island/


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