This page highlights published short fiction & poetry that I’ve read, enjoyed, and thought others might enjoy as well. (See bottom of page for criteria/disclosures).

Posted 10/19/18
WEEKEND READS: DRIVING FORCE, BY: TOM JOLLY, published in COMPELLING SCIENCE FICTION – Feel free to read – http://compellingsciencefiction.com/stories/driving-force.html

Posted 10/12/18
WEEKEND READS: BONE MUSIC, BY: TRISH HOPKINSON, published in CONTRARY JOURNAL OF UNPOPULAR DISCONTENT – feel free to read – https://contrarymagazine.com/2018/bone-music/

Posted 10/05/18
WEEKEND READS: INSEPARABLE, BY: EVONNE M. BIGGENS, published in PERIHELION – Feel free to read – http://www.perihelionsf.com/1801/Fiction_2.shtml

Posted 09/28/18
WEEKEND READS: THE WISHING STONE, BY: SIPORA COFFELT, published in THE ARCANIST – Feel free to read – https://thearcanist.io/the-wishing-stone-a4b46b762798

Posted 09/21/18
WEEKEND READS: A FLOWER LIKE BLUE FLAME, BY: SCOTT HUGHES, published in THE GREEN LIGHT – Feel free to read – https://thegreenlightliteraryjournal.wordpress.com/fiction-scotthughes/

Posted 09/14/18
WEEKEND READS: DANGEROUS DINNER COMPANIONS, BY: ANNA SALONEN, published in SPECKLIT (an entire story in only 100 words) – Feel free to read – http://specklit.com/blog/2016/07/23/dangerous-dinner-companions/

Posted 09/07/18
WEEKEND READS: FARM TO TABLE, BY: PAMELA LOVE, published in THE HICKORY STUMP – Feel free to read – http://hickorystump.org/article/farm-to-table/

Posted 08/31/18
WEEKEND READS: THE WEIGHT OF EVERY PENNY, BY: ADAM WILLIAM INGLIS, published in ACROSS THE MARGIN. Addresses the dark side of wealth – Feel free to read – http://acrossthemargin.com/the-weight-of-every-penny/

Posted 08/24/18
WEEKEND READS: DECOMMISSIONING, BY: RAMON ROZAS, published in THEME OF ABSENCE. Plays well on “Robot Uprising” type fears – Feel free to read – http://www.themeofabsence.com/2018/08/decommissioning-by-ramon-rozas/

Posted 08/17/18
THE WAYS OF THE DEAD, BY: BRIAN JOHNSON, published in TWJ Magazine. Reminiscent of Poe – Read it here – http://www.twjmag.com/fiction-nonfic-poetry/the-ways-of-the-dead

– Must be published in a legitimate publication and viewable at no cost.
– Be in a genre that interests me. Generally this includes any combo of suspense, fantasy, horror, science fiction, Christian, supernatural, and the like.
– Abstain from things that don’t interest me. Examples of this include, but are not limited to – excessive/graphic sex, violence/gore for the sake of violence/gore, excessive adult language/content.

– No promise is made as to the length of time a post/link will remain on this page. Periodically, posts/links will be deleted in order to maintain a clean look.
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