Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. – Matthew 10:32 NIV Bible translation.

The following, is Shawn’s statement of faith.

Not all of the fiction I write can be classified as strictly Christian fiction. For example – My novel entitled Pets for Legion (Tell-Tale Publishing Group) is an example of Christian horror fiction while one of my published short stories, The Nightmare Tree (Writers’ Journal) is of the secular/horror persuasion.

Regardless of whether I am writing Christian fiction or secular fiction, one thing remains constant. I am a Christian.

As a Christian, I understand that I am a sinner. I further understand that I cannot erase my sins on my own or save myself from the eternal consequences of those sins.

I am thankful therefore that God gave his only perfect son to die on a cross as a sacrifice for me. I am also thankful that this Son of God (Jesus Christ) took my sins to the grave with his death and then rose from the dead forever leaving my sins behind in that dark and empty tomb.

I have gratefully accepted this free gift and forever am thankful to the Triune God (Father, Son, and Spirit) who has offered it to me. The GOOD NEWS is this: anyone who believes that God has done this for him or her can receive this FREE gift. That’s all there is to it. IT IS THAT EASY!!!

If you are currently searching for salvation, then I urgently encourage you to locate a good Bible-based church near you and accept the FREE gift of God’s grace.


May God bless you – Sincerely, Shawn B.

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